Celebrate FLAG's 23th Anniversary!!!

AUGUST 8 - 10, 2014

FLAG Members can purchase Damascus and Tough Gloves at a discount.


FLAG Author

Our own G.W. Leatherman Parks has recently authored four books, all packed with Leather cods and excited manrods...and, of course, tight black Leather gloves. You can order them from him directly.

Leatherdaddy    Leather Nazis      Packed Cod, Hard Rod Leatherdaddy (collection of short stories) @ $17.95
Leather Nazis (uniforms and boots in this World War II story) @ $17.95
A Harvest of G.O.L.D.: Leather Bikers on the Prowl [on the prowl for submissive boys for the Club's pleasuring] $17.95
Packed Cod, Hard Rod [another collection of one-gloved hand stories] $17.95

Please add $2.50 for postage and handling for one book, $2.00 for each additional book. Checks and money orders only! Want it autographed? Be glad to do that for all you handsome men!

Send request to:

G.W. Leatherman PARKS -- 133 State Route 304 -- Winfield, PA. 17889

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